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Wind direction influences?


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I've noticed a consistent fish activity with wind direction during open water. An example is, "least from the east", is an open water standard pretty much all the time. Some fish will bite, but not as much as they do on days with a west wind.

East and North winds usually slow, if not shut the fishing down. I was out yesterday with an east wind and couldn't buy a fish.

Does this apply to ice fishing, since there are no direct wind influences on the water?

Your opinions and experiences are appreciated.
Thank you, Bowhunter57
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The wind direction has to do with weather patterns. We all know fish don't like cold fronts, which are usually associated with an east or north wind. The barometric pressure will drop, and turn fish off.  They can even notice this change under the ice. Conversely, a wind out of the west or south usually accompanies a warm front and rising barometric pressure, which will put fish in the biting mood. Fish can be caught anytime, anywhere though with patience and the right presentation. Sometimes you have to work harder at it than others.
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Great post slab,with single digits and wind it should make sundays tournament much more challenging,the barometer will greatly affect our fishing success


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Growing up fishing with my Grandfather,  his old saying was;" when the winds out of the East- fish bite the least, winds out of the West- fish bite the best, winds out of the South- blows the bait into the fish's mouth, when the winds out of the North- don't venture forth"...
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It's all about the fronts like slab said in my opinion. In open water any shore structure, riprap, ect that's being hit with wind can produce fish no matter what direction it's coming from. The food chain... Plankton, baitfish, bigger fish.. You know the spheel. Wind doesn't have any affect during ice, it's all about the front that the wind is pushing. Fish metabolism is really low in the winter months, some more than others. They need more oxygen but still need to feed. Once the weeds die off in the shallows after 1st ice they will seek out any kind of water movement or current, that's why river beds, channels, and road beds become more productive during mid to late ice. I've already seen the post about catfish being taken off the river beds and channels recently. Structure close to these areas are good spots also. They don't have to go so far to feed and it's still in their safety zone. First ice is always easier to fish and I think this is why IMO. My $0.02


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  :) fishing 101  " Barametric Pressure " effects fish . A raising or falling barameter turns fish on a steady low pressure shuts their :P mouths . Fishing is like a puzzle , you have to put several pieces together to start to see the end result . Wind , pressure ,  light level , water temperature and fishing pressure . Wind moves the algae which moves the zoo planting which the baitfish feed on and the fish follow the baitfish .  But a bad day fishing beats the heck out of a good day at work .


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I must be a little slow  8)   because im goin fishin no matter what the buzzers and bells say... ;D  besides ya don't know if ya don't go.....just sayin ;D
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I agree its not catching it's fishing. Doesn't matter to me if I catch fish or not , it's just good to be out there. I do also agree though, your catch rate lowers with a north or east wind. I'm not saying you won't catch fish, like slab stated you just have to work harder. Good luck and be safe.
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