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1/19/14 ice report


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If you're going on Lima Lake, I suggest picking a side and walking out from that bank. For example: If you wanted to fish close to the west bank, then you should walk around to the west side and enter the ice from the west. I do not recommend walking across this lake, at this time.

I was on this lake yesterday and it has thick and thin spots, due to snow drifts and the recent thaw and refreezing. I walked out from the boat ramp and 6' off shore there was 2 1/2" of ice. Walking out another 20 yards and there was 6" of ice. If it's like that all over it would be hard to predict what's good ice and what's bad ice.

Be careful...VERY careful out there!
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Did you wet a line when you went out?  Any luck, good or bad?  I take it you did not join the polar bear club unintentionally.
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