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Ice Fishing Patterns


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Find the greenest weeds at early ice in the shallows....they will slowly move into the basin...look for structure in the basin mid winter....then they will move to spawning areas toward late ice . First ice they will be spread out over a weedy flat drill baby drill

Find the drops or drop offs..  like weed edges weed edges are usually the first drop off of the lake..  like going from the weed flats at 5 foot to a drop of 10 to 15 fow just remember light that grown weeds penetrates so far threw the water.. so the more murky the water the less weeds you have out deep..  so if that's the first drop the second drop would be around 20 to 30 fow.. and usually larger fish sit deeper  in the water but you got to target rock piles,  gravel ,submerged timber,etc etc.. structure in other words think of it that way some lakes  are different then others
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