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Baffin Boots


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After decades of using Mickey Mouse Boots I tried a pair of Baffin Tundras today. Cold as it was my feet stayed toasty with just a pair of wool socks on.

They are very light and a pleasure to walk in. Only reason I decided to try them was I picked up a pair for under 70.00. One thing about huge feet every once in awhile some dealer gets tired of looking at the mini boats

Still won't give up my MM's but they may be my 2nd choice now.


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I traded my brother for a pair of baffins used half season they been to idaho wisconsin and ohio ice and are holdin up good but the laces hooks pulled off the upper and maybe after 2 hrs of sittin still in shanty toes get cold get up walk around 5 mins and toasty again these boots have seen -10 easily and did a good job 4 me even in 10 inches of standing slush still was dry
It goes without saying if its anything worth doing might as well do it right