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Last season I got a Macrum Recon 5+ (For Christmas) but didnít get to use it due to the short season we had. This Christmas, Santa brought me a tripod for the camera and a bracket so that I can mount the display to a pole in my shanty. I gave everything a try yesterday and I must say that I am very impressed. Being a noob I donít have years of experience to rely on and Iím never truly sure whatís going on down there with my jig, bait etc. The Recon 5+ gave me a lot of perspective today. I marked a lot of fish, could see the species, could see the size and how the fish reacted to my presentation and jigging. The unit itself is compact, easy to use and a full charge will last for 10-12hrs. The unit charges via a USB lead so I can easily charge it in my Shanty, the truck or at home. It took a little while to get used to leveling and positioning the camera in the water column but, once I got past that it was easy to keep the camera on my lure. The compactness of the rig did not cause any space issues in my shanty (Eskimo 1 Man Flip) in other words I did not kick the tripod or bump into the screen unit.

Overall I give the Marcum Recon 5+ two thumbs up. Itís a great addition to my kit.

Newbie to ice fishing but loving it!