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Indian night bite

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Few of you guys are local, whats your take on the crappie and saugeye bite after the crowds leave? Got some time on my hands and weather is iffy for Erie this weekend so what's your take on night bite at Indian?


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Tried it a couple times. I've never had any luck much after dark through the ice up there which is strange because during open water night is usually awesome. I can be on a killer bite and it gets dark and they just shut off. Not sure if they quit feeding or just move somewhere else. I have talked to some guys that day they caught em at night but. ..

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Iíve been on the ice as early as 3am and have stayed as late as 9pm and to me it seemed like I was wasting time trying to either prolong a good bite or trying to get a jump on the morning bite. I have to say though, when you get on the ice before anyone else the sounds of the lake making ice can b very intimidating, then you hear the wildlife (coyotes and a rare turkey gobble right before sunrise ) is awesome. For the most part it seems your good or best bites are still an hour before and after the sunrise and sunset