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Am looking to pick up a camera, either Marcum or Aqua view, anybody have a preference one over the other or heard from a buddy? Thanks, be safe.


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slab  can you chime in here , he has the aqua view mini  right ?  its fun watching the fish when the water is clear enough.  i wish i had one for erie. shoot then ya run around drillin and droppin the camera in lookin around   hahahah
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Yes, Iíve always had great luck with aquavu.  And great customer service the one time I did have an issue.  I have a mini and do love itís portability.  If youíre hole hopping or venturing away from your shanty itís perfect, camera in pocket and auger in one hand and flasher in the other.  Now I still keep that mini with me even though Iím running the Vexilar FLX 28 fish scout double vision.   Flasher and camera are stacked in the same bag, complete with DVR.  Vexilar spoiled me!  But I love that mini unit.   Has great battery life, which is my only beef with the double vision.  I only get 4 hours on a battery running the flasher, camera, and DVR all at once.  But the mini will go all day.   
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I bought a reconditioned mini a few years ago. No problems with mine either. Came with warranty, contacted costumer service to check about a car charger and they said it should have had one with it so they sent one right out to me.