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I loved my Clam Corp 2000 Ice Fishing Shanty! Maybe it was because it was my first shanty. Or maybe because it was small enough to not be a struggle hauling around but big enough to fit me and a friend (I'm 6 foot 2 with size 16 feet). But I can tell you that after 2 years I was looking for an upgrade and thought I was getting just that in my current Frabill Refuge that I purchased last year. I am glad I got the insurance on it because I am taking it back this year for another Clam 2000. Although roomier than the Clam 2000, I found it much more of a task to haul around and definitely found it not as easy to set up or take down. On a cold day your hands would be frozen because the setup doesn't allow touching anything but pure metal pipes that I feel get colder than the air around them. It's like getting frost bite just to get started which is no way to start an ice fishing trip. Look for Banker to return to his old Clam 2000 roots this winter. Sorry for ever doubting you Clam.
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