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Title: Potential hazard
Post by: swedish nipple on January 29, 2013, 12:38:18 AM
I received a call from a buddy. After I left Sunday, someone with a gas auger and a year or two of pent up frustration  poked around 30 holes off the main trail on the south lake from the west parking lot. The holes are around the main stump which sticks out about 4' from the top of the ice. They also punched around 20 holes directly west of the boat ramp off the east enterance, north edge of the south lake. With the rain and warm weather this concerns me. I wish people would be a little more concerned with preserving the ice. That many holes with 10" of ice and week of cold weather is OK . Not with rain and 60. Hopefully the ice holds I got a year to make up for ;) I feel this is info that must be shared. I saw the largest amount of people on that lake in 7 yrs.