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Facebook post by Ryan Kerns:

Kids Day 2022 and this weekend's IFO Tournament Series Stop #5 will be held at Alum Creek Marina on February 26th.

The events will begin with Kids Day at 10am. We'll have meet and greet and allow everyone time to arrive. Bill Baum and I will present Ice Safety at 10:30, then Nathan Boldman and Dennis Jones will talk with the kids on crappie tactics at 11:00. While Nate and Dennis are talking with the kids, I'll get the grill going so the kids can have some lunch before they fish. We'll hold a derby for them from 12:00 to 2:00, and then weigh them in.

A lot of guys like the evening tournament format, so we can make this a late one. The dock tournament for all of us will begin at 3pm, and we'll go until 9pm. Hopefully we can all hit a good night bite, and weigh some nice stringers! As usual, we'd ask that you observe the no lines, or electronics in the water rule during that hour between the kids derby and the start of our tournament.

If any of you would like to help out, please let me know. It's always great to have some extra hands on Kids Day.

We'll get back into regular dock tournaments following this one. The edges are deteriorating to the point that with a few more days like those in the forecast for this week, we probably need to start switching gears.

Alum Creek Dock Tournaments / Indian Lake Weekend Update 2/19 - 2/20
« on: February 18, 2022, 11:20:08 PM »
Facebook Post by Ryan Kerns:

Team IFO members will be at Lakeside Pro Bass tomorrow from 10-2 for a Demo Day with  giveaways for the kids who would have been looking forward to the day's event.

The marina at Blackhawk was the intended venue for Kids Day 2022. After checking the site this afternoon with Dennis Jones, we've decided that  with several inches of slush and water on top of the ice it's just too nasty to hold an event at that location. It will not be moved elsewhere on Indian Lake, due to the damage to the edges from Thursday's storm.

Kids Day 2022 and this weekend's IFO Tournament Series Stop #5 will be rescheduled to Alum Creek Marina at a later date. This will ensure our being able to hold that event. Expect an update on the schedule by tomorrow once we've had the opportunity to meet at Lakeside as a staff.

Well, sorry that there was not an announcement for the cancellation of the Indian Lake Ice Weekend during Feb. 5th and 6th.  I did not see the Facebook post until that Saturday morning and I was on the road to an ice tournament in Michigan.  So, it has been rescheduled for this coming weekend, Kids Day Saturday,  Feb. 19th and IFO Indian Lake Tournament Sunday, Feb. 20th.  Like in the previous post about Indian Lake Ice Weekend,  Kids Day will be at Blackhawk Marina (11496 OH-365, Lakeview, OH 43331)on Saturday from 10am - 4pm and the IFO Indian Lake Ice Tournament is on Sunday, 8am - 6pm, entry fee is $20 and you must be an IFO member.  You can register as a member on this webpage or on the IFO Facebook page.  See attachment for the details.  Due to the weather temps in the next couple days, I will try to keep an eye on any post cancelling the event and will try to post it right away.  However, again I will be heading north into Michigan for another tournament, so I will do my best to stay on top of it.  Thanks everyone and be safe and check the ice before going out with the increased temperatures. 

Hello IFO Web Members.  Sorry for the late post on this, but IFO is holding an Indian Lake Ice Weekend, Saturday and Sunday, February 5th and February 6th.  Saturday, February 5th is Kids Day at Blackhawk Marina from 10am - 4pm.  And Sunday, February 6th, is IFO Tournament Series stop #5 at Indian Lake, tournament registration and meeting will be at Lakeside Pro Bass before the tournament start at 7am and will close at 8am for registraion.   The tournament will start at 8am and weigh-in is at 6pm at Lakeside Pro Bass.  Lakeside Pro Bass is located at Duff Road and SR 235 North, Lakeview, OH 43331, Ph#937-843-2488. 

Open the attachment to see the official IFO flyer.

Saturday, February 5th - Kids Day at Blackhawk Marina - 11496 OH-365, Lakeview, OH 43331
10am - 4pm
- Ice Safety
-Kids ice Fishing Derby (ages 12 and younger)
-John Henry Drillers
-Minnow Races
-Meet an ODNR Officer
-Hot Dogs, Chips, and Drinks
-Gear Giveaways
* All Children must be accompanied by an Adult.

Sunday, February 6th - IFO Tournament Series Stop#5 - Lakeside Pro Bass - Duff Road and SR 235 North, Lakeview, OH 43331
7am - 8am Registration and Rules Meeting at Lakeside Pro Bass
8am - 6pm Tournament
-$20 Individual Entry ($5 organization fee included in the individual entry fee)
-5 Crappie, 5 Saugeye, and Big Fish Pots
-Cash Prizes and Gear Giveaways
-Open to IFO Members - Must be an IFO Member to Participate - sign up to be an IFO member on the website or on facebook
-Rules Meeting and Registration at 7:00am
-Registration closes at 8:00am
-6:00pm Weigh-in at Lakeside Pro Bass

Hope to see a big turn out.  And please bring the kids on Saturday to participate and learn some stuff and ask questions to ODNR Officer and other IFO Admins(Ryan Kerns, Bill Baum, and Nate Boldman).  There will be food on Saturday and giveaways.  Good Luck to those that will be there Sunday for the ice fish tournament.

Alum Creek Dock Tournaments / Dock Tournament Trail #4 - 1/8/2022
« on: January 09, 2022, 09:16:57 PM »
CJ Brown Reservoir Buck Creek Marina Dock tournament #4 went off this Saturday.  We met at Leens General Store on Rt. 4 in Springfield, OH.  I like to say thank you to Leens for supporting us at IFO and providing bait and tackle.  They had fresh spikes, red and white and a multi-colored pack, mousees, and minnows.  And I personally purchased a new HT Blue Ice Rod 32" and 2 new Piscifun reels.

Well, the morning was a crisp, blue open sky and it was a very brisk 12 degrees with an easterly wind with an elevated barometer.  It was just ripe for a long beautiful day.  We had ten contestants and it turned out to be a long and rough day of fishing.  We had to break through about 1" of ice in the Marina.  We had pretty much scattered all over the docks and I don't know where the fish went but it was not in the Marina.  Had a great time socializing with members and spoke with a guy from London, OH who was just checking out what we were doing.  I caught my first and only fish at 8:45am and fortunately it was a very skinny 9" crappie.  Marked only a handful of fish, no more bites, and that was the total of my day.  And everyone around seem to be struggling with catching a fish also.  Well, by the end we met back at Leens for weigh-in and that lone crappie was the only fish weighed in.  So first place in crappie and the biggest fish was  .30lbs; Steve.

So the funny story of the day, Bill Baum was fishing across from me on the next dock and with about 10 minutes left before the end of the tournament he marked a fish at the bottom and dropped to it and got the bite and set the hook on it.  He was excited and yelled over that he had something big.  The fish started pulling drag immediately and he could not get it up.  And in just a minute it popped off.  Bill was disappointed that he didn't at least get a chance to see what he had, but we were guessing that it was possibly a muskie because how heavy he said it felt and how it just took line out with little effort.  Sorry Bill, that was the one that got away,

Well, there has not been a determination of the next dock tournament because of the cold temps and possibly enough ice to get on in some areas.  As soon as I hear about the next dock tournament or possibly an ice fish tournament at Indian Lake or wherever it may be, I will post it here right away.  Thanks and please be safe on the first ice of the season; use extra caution and use a spud bar, have safety equipment on your person and make sure you let people know where you will be at and bring a friend along.  Tight lines everyone. 

Alright IFO members, I hope everyone stayed healthy during Christmas and had a Very Merry Christmas! On the Facebook post, Ryan Kerns has posted Preseason Dock Tournament #4 for the 3rd try at CJ Brown Reservoir on Saturday 1/8/2022 at 8am.  Be there at the Marina by 7:30am for Registration.  I will try and post if they plan on meeting at Leen's General Store again, to help support our sponsor.  Leen's has been very supportive of us and they had spikes in, back when we were planning the dock tournament the first time.  Take care everyone and have a Happy New Year!

CJ Brown Tournament has been cancelled for Saturday, 12/18.

Facebook post by Nathan Boldman:

No dock tournament tomorrow weather is getting the best of us again! We as a group will get together after Christmas figure out when the next tournament will be. Merry Christmas everyone and have a happy holiday.

Well Good Afternoon to those who are following IFO on-line.  I woke up early and since we had no dock tournament today at CJ Brown, I decided to get my stuff together and head over to Alum Creek Marina and do some dock fishing.  When the morning started out at 60 degrees, it just felt right.  The weather showed the rain had stopped and there was not going to anymore the rest of the day.  Well, with that said, I should have known better.  There was wind but it was nothing outrageous.

I started out with catching a perch and several bluegills from around 8am - 9:30am.  I moved around a bit and since I was not knocking it out the ball park.  But then I went to the end of the C-Dock/Gas Dock and landed 2 keeper crappies and 1 undersize crappie and some bigger blue gills.  Well the last crappie I caught, I was thrilled and didn't really pay attention to the time and how much the wind had picked up.  It was around 11am and the wind just howled and I watched a wall of rain start coming down from inside the Marina and heading straight at me.  But I could have sworn that the weather app said there was not going to be any rain and the winds were supposed to hold up till about noon.  The wind gusts was about 30 to 40 mph and I packed my stuff up the best I could, folded up my chair, zipped up my Vex FL8 and pulled up my rods. For those that know me, I tend to bring more than what I need for every situation.  So, I had my 7 rods with me, with multiple containers of jigs, measuring stick that I just bought at Bayview Baits at Rocky Fork, the Vexilar towel that I won as a door prize at Rocky Fork, etc... Also, I had my brand new Vexilar Tundra bibs on and was feeling just fine.

I ran down the dock and headed straight for the car in the parking lot.  The rain was flying side ways and you couldn't very far with the wall of rain.  The rain lasted about 15 minutes and I was just relaxing and enjoying the moment, and ready to get back out there.  The rain stopped and the wind died down to the way it was earlier.  That is when I looked out to the dock where I left my stuff, and the canvas pull wagon I had was no longer in sight.  I hopped out of the car and ran back down to the docks and that gut punch and kick in the balls feeling set in. I lost my wagon and all but one of my rods.  A sick feeling just came over me, and the realization most of my gear is sitting at the bottom of Alum Creek in the Marina.  The bright side of things, I had my Vexilar FL8 on the dock, my chair, minnow bucket, and my Gruv jig holder which I happened to throw in my Vexilar bag at the bottom, and my bait pucks were saved from the perils of the deep.  I honestly don't know how the wagon missed my FL8 and didn't send it down to the lake bottom.

This where I am asking for a favor, if someone has the tool or ability to drag the dock C at section 21, I think, and let me know if they can retrieve anything.  I lost a Jason Mitchell rod, a Fenwick rod, Shakespeare Rod, and 2 - 13 Rods and reels, and HT rod.  I had a small bucket that had items in it, but I figured that may be scattered all over the bottom.  Thank you to anyone who gives it a try and I appreciate the assistance.

Eyeshunter - Steve

This is posted on Facebook by Ryan Kerns - Admin:

Tomorrow's IFO Tournament Series Stop #4 @ CJ Brown Reservoir is being postponed do to the threat of high winds during the hours of the event.  Stay home and get your gear in order.  We're rescheduling this tournament stop for next Saturday, December 18th.  CJ Brown will once again be the venue.
Tight Lines everybody! If you're going out, stay away from Erie.  22 footers are expected by late morning.

Alum Creek Dock Tournaments / Dock Tournament Trail - Saturday, 12/4/2021
« on: December 05, 2021, 08:09:46 PM »
Good Afternoon to Ice Fish Ohio Followers!  Saturday, 12/4/2021 was the 3rd installment of the Dock Tournament, and this time we mixed it up a little bit and had it at Rocky Fork Reservoir.  We met up at Bay View Bait and Tackle in Hillsboro, OH to register and pick up some bait and other items.  17 registered fishermen signed up and the fun began at the East Shore Marina.  The day started out a little chilly, 34-degree morning with a slight breeze across the lake.  I'm speaking on my own experience, the morning bite was on and saw several people catching fish, a hand full of crappies coming up.  As the day progressed and the temperature increased, you would expect the biting to get a little bit better, but from the movement of everyone trying to switch spots and the socializing with each other, the biting actually got worse.  I was able to bring in 2 crappies by 11.30am and then that was about it. I caught several bluegills and 1 baby perch. But from 11:30am till 1:45pm I think I might have brought in 3 fish. One of the guys fishing towards the next to last docks had something big on, but lost it before he could get it to the surface; possibly a big catfish. Rusty, had a crappie in his basket and after a few hours he had his second crappie and in the process of trying to net it, he got his net caught on a cleat and wrangled with it and as he finished getting it off the cleat the crappie decided it would get off his hook. Not knowing at that time, this was the kind of day it was going to be.  Some of the others anglers had more success, Joey, caught a couple crappies early on and moved to another dock which he said he fished closer to the inner portion in shallower water and was able to find some more.  Aaron, moved around and was hunting the crappies; which proved to be the key in finding them.  He landed over a dozen crappie for the day and had his limit and then some.  There were a lot of short crappies reported caught throughout the day.

The results in the end, Aaron L. won the crappie pot with 5 crappies turned in for 2.80lbs.  Since there was no saugeyes turned, there was a 2nd place crappie pot, Joey L. with 2.57lbs.  And Steve I. had the big fish pot with a crappie weighing in at .70lbs. Payouts were handed out and some door prizes given out at the end. Thanks to Bay View Bait and Tackle for sponsoring our event and Nasty Nate's Baits and Slab Grabber Baits.  And many thanks for those who follow us on this forum and on Facebook and to all the members who turned out for this event.  And thank you to Ryan Kerns and Nate Boldman for making the dock tournaments happen.

For those who don't follow us on Facebook, sorry there was no post on this website forum of this dock tournament at Rocky Fork Reservoir.  It was brought to the attention of the administrators, and it should be corrected for next weekend's tournament. Next Saturday, 12/11 will be at CJ Brown Reservoir at the Marina, meeting at 7am -7:30am for registration beforehand at our new Sponsor's bait shop, Leen's General Store on Rt. 4 in Springfield, OH.  Fishing will begin at 8am and last to 2pm.  And there will be a regular post of this sometime next week as a notice and reminder for everyone. Keep an eye out for this post and keep the date open and come out and join in on the fun.

Alum Creek Dock Tournaments / Alum Creek Dock Tournament Sat. 11/20/2021
« on: November 21, 2021, 12:04:11 AM »
Good Afternoon Everyone!  The 2nd round of Alum Creek Dock Tournament occurred this morning at 8am and went to 2pm.  The day was pretty clear and cool in the morning but as the day went along the temperature came up into the forties and some wind early on and died off by noon.  We had 9 entries in the tournament, but there were several other fishermen on the docks trying their luck.  The fish were on earlier and half the field slammed into crappies right off the rip.  There were some good slabs of crappie being turned today.  Everyone was catching fish; many reports of bluegills and yellow perch were caught, however, there were saugeyes caught and some channel cats.

A battle between Dennis J. and Nathen B. for crappie weight was turned in.  Both had 5 crappies turned in, but Dennis edged Nathen with by .65 lbs.  Dennis had 5.05lbs and Nathen had 4.40lbs.  Larry D. once again turned in saugeyes, 2 for the day for a total combined weight of 5.04lbs.  And last but not least, Steve I. turned in the biggest fish, a 5.52lb channel cat.  Nathen B. did bring a channel cat to weigh-in, but it was smaller in size.

At the end of the day, prize money was handed out and sponsor freebies/door prizes were handed out.  Some non-members/on-lookers stopped by to see us at weigh in and hopefully we have some future members and contestants.  And a young boy and his father were surprised with the generosity of our host, Ryan Kerns, by receiving some sponsorship freebies and swag.  Nathen B., with Nasty Nate's Baits also gave the kiddo a prize pack of soft baits.

Thanks to Ryan Kerns and Nathen B. for running the Dock Tournaments and providing swag and prizes.  And thank you to Dennis J. with Lakeside Pro Bass Shop out of Indian Lake for providing a bonus prize and sponsoring our tournaments. 

I had a great day hanging with guys, fishing and discussing different topics across the board.  Plus, listening to the OSU football game and learning that the game was done by half-time.

Thank you to all that came out and see you at the next dock tournament.  The next tournament will be posted and announced officially by the host and on this website and on social media platforms.  With that said, there will not be any dock tournament held next weekend because of Thanksgiving.  So, the following Saturday, December 4th, will be the next event and I believe it will be at Rocky Fork Reservoir in Hillsboro.  Keep an eye out for the post on this and some additional details in time and location meeting place.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Be safe and blessed! 

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