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General Discussion / Re: propane insulation
« on: February 18, 2015, 07:52:24 AM »
I found an old wrestling kneepad. It fits over the tank like a glove. That would only work if you used to wrestle but still thought I'd share

Looking to take the girlfriend out for her first time ice fishing here. I have yet to fish for trout ice fishing though. What would be some good tactics with these stocked trout at this lake? Thanks for the help (I'm just trying to win some brownie points) hahah

General Discussion / Warm Weekend about to hit
« on: February 06, 2015, 03:28:00 PM »
Im looking at the weather for here in Northeast Ohio and its going to be in the 40s with a chance or rain. I'm just curious how much this will melt the ice. This is my first year ice fishing so I don't really know how this will play out.

I've been to Ladue multiple times this year. Caught a bunch of smaller yellow perch a handful or white perch and about 4-5 8-10in crappie. I'm wanting to go this weekend but I'm just not sure.


This is the year that my buddy and I decided we want to start ice fishing. We bought our poles, jigs, and hand auger. If we end up liking it we will get ourselves a shanty.

Anyway, we are trying to figure out a good place to go soon. We are the closest to Ladue and West branch. But I have heard that Mosquito is a really good place to go. Ideally Ladue is where I'm wanting to go but obviously if Mosquito is a lot better place to go then we will make the trip.

We would rather catch some walleye but we would also be satisfied with some panfish. What would be the best bait to use for both? All I have is some lures I bought from Gander. Im not sure if that would work fine or if I should get some live bait or both?

Also I guess a good question to ask is if the ice is thick enough to go out tomorrow.. haha

Thank you for any and all help given to me.

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