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Another State record?


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Adam caught this jumbo perch on a private lake with a Swedish pimple and minnow head. He took it home and froze it. He weighed it the next day. It weighed 2.6 lbs and measured 15 1/2 inches. The state record is under 15 inches and weighed 2.74 pounds.

I am sure he lost weight through dehydration from freezing the fish.

We will never know.

Great fish!

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That thing is HUGE.  Congrats on the catch!

I'm actually VERY shocked the state record isn't bigger than 15 inches though.  I guarantee there are bigger in Erie.


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WOW! That thing makes my "Kiser Lake Monster" look like a minnow! :) lol
Good job, great fish. Good luck on record I hope you get it.
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I guarantee there are bigger in Erie.

There are. Most are down by Buffalo though.
Heard 16"'s aren't uncommon there!