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Checked ice in a couple spots, didn't really get to fish. Ice was anywhere from 3.5-5": I went a good 200 yards out in the one cove. All the way to the mouth and there is a good channel that meets the mouth of the cove ice was almost a uniform 5". I'm headed to Indian/kiser tomorrow but plan on hitting it sun. I still haven't figured out how to pattern the crappie but I do get a few and they are nice usually slam the big gills too! I post a report when I fish it. Oh on a side note take a shanty. Wind was crazy today!!!


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I'd be interested in hitting Indian/Sherwood. Going out this afternoon, spent all morning at alum and got skunked so I'm hoping Delaware will b more productive. If you'd like to team up just contact me on here!, I'll be up to go out any time in the mornings (I usually work 2nds) so just contact me!
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