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Fishing was slow today with the front coming thru. They weren't calling for anything, got on the ice and it started to rain and then turned to snow. Snowed from 8:30 till I left at 1. Nice day to be on ice; 35 degrees to start and problably 40 when I left. Jacket open with hood up to keep snow and rain off but no gloves needed. Definitely needed gas auger as ice was 16 to 18 inches thick. I hadn't fished this lake for 10 years. Went back to spot I used to hit years ago and wouldn't you know; it's still a good spot. Water cloudy but that's normal for this lake. Punched about 35 holes from 14 to 8 fow amongst the downed trees. Bite was super light. Missed 1 on minnow with deadstick, hung me in a tree limb. Lost a total of 4 jigs in the trees today, darn fish (tungsten jigs aren't cheap) :(  Caught a dozen crappie, mostly 8 to 9 inches, 1 over 11, a few under 8, a few dink gills and a couple of small warmouth. No cats. Fish were 2 foot off bottom to 2 foot under ice. Jigs were: GrandpaBob's silver shad large teardrop, tungsten in orange and perch colors tipped with waxies. Fairly aggressive jigging followed by a pause seemed to be the trigger. With that much ice, should have at least two more weekends to fish. Met a gentleman on the ice today that hadn't ice fished for years and came down to give it a try. We had a nice chat and I asked him where he wanted to fish as he had an old hand auger and appeared to be in his 60's; he showed me and I told him to mark where he wanted his holes and I would cut them with my gas auger for him since ice was so thick. Then dropped my Vex in each of his holes to show him what depth was and if any activity below. He thanked me and enjoyed watching the Vex. Told him to check out and may see him online. Nice day!!!!!! ::)
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