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1/15/2017 NW OHIO


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7" of ice. Tricky getting on the ice due to the edges from last week's rain and warm temps. Edges had open water when we came off due to water receding and ice dropping. VERY Dangerous getting on and off the ice.

Fished in 25 FOW and fish on the bottom wouldn't bite but did find some to bite suspended at 15'.

Water very stained from rain. Caught a dozen crappie from 8-9" with White Eurotackle DROP-X 5mm tungsten jig and Micro Finesse plastics green Crazy Critter. Buddy caught 2 catfish on minnows and lost 2 at the hole. Another buddy had a catfish break off at the hole.  Very slow bite.

We all had spud bars, ice picks and throw ropes, plus I had on a flotation ice suit.

Remember:  NO ICE IS SAFE ICE!!!!

Check your own ice!!  Make sure you have all your safety equipment and go with a buddy.

With these warm temps and rain; ice can go south in a hurry.

Be Safe and Tight Lines..
Jeff Gunn

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WOW thats awesome!
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