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Fletchers Pond Info Please


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A couple of us are considering heading to Fletchers Pond maybe in January. Seen there seems to be two primary places to stay (Fletcher's Landing and Jack's Landing) are either decent? Are there any places open there to eat or buy food?  Is there a close by bait shop open? Do you need transport or is it walkable to decent fishing spots?


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Fletcher's Pond Great place to sight fish for pike and perch!

PM me your phone number and I'll tell you what I know about the place.  It has been several years since I have been up there though.
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I stayed at Fletcher landing last year. Dee runs it with her husband. The maintenance guy will give you a pull out for a couple bucks. But it's a short walk. Place could really be updated but it's a fishing camp. They have a fish cleaning area. We caught some huge bass and pike and some gills. We gill fished to pass the time. There is a beer/bait store at the turn back to the resorts.

Jack's has a bar open with food. It's just ok. Otherwise it's 20 min drive or so into town to eat. I think I posted on here about my trip last year.