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Effects of snow on ice?


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yepper   when you get a couple inches of clear ice and it snows a few inches  it slows down ice thickness making, warm water is trapped  on the bott of a lake  during this . its pretty cool that water can exhist in all 3 states at once...gas  solid  liquid, thermal  dynamics  is  really kool.    (  i  was a steam turbine  engineer )  and in water testing.   man the math on disentagrating  energy is way complicated   hahahah      so as the ice melts under ya  just say  woohoo    hahahahha      questions like  what freezes faster cold water or warm water?   and like  if ya have a glass of room temp water and ya transfer it back and forth quickly between glasses  will its temp change the longer you keep it moving  ?     she blinded me with science..................stay cool   
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