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Went out to Deer Creek this morning with papaperch and much to my surprise only dinks were biting.  Went all over my normal winter spots that yield slabs and whiffed.  We caught tons of fish, but all shorts.  Didn’t matter if we were in 6 or 16 feet, tons of non keeper gills and small 6-8” crappie.  All were in wood, and tried some open water off the wood after Bill left, but more of the same.  Not sure if the slabs were there and dinks were beating them to the punch or if they’re in a different area. I’ll do more investigation as the winter wears on.  There’s slab Crappie in there and I will find them with time and good ice!!  But that cold was brutal today!!  Kept me from walking around too much searching the lake. Had a couple other areas GPS’d but just didn’t have the legs or wind power to walk all over in that cold today.  So I gambled where I thought the big ones would be and guessed wrong. Lesson learned!  More exercise, less sweets, means more fish!!!  But the Ice was a good 5-6 inches all over everywhere I was at.  Shouldn’t go anywhere anytime soon.
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