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1/7/2018 Wood Duck


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Wood Duck is open sunrise to sunset all year.  Parking for about 1/2 dozen vehicles.  18" minimum on Largemouth; 10 total keepers for 'gills.  

Arrived in the afternoon.  Guy coming off had no fish.  Another stayed in the middle then left after a while.  Two more arrived when I was setting up but only stayed in the middle for an hour or so then left.  

I set up over 7" of good ice starting on the south end and moved straight across the pond to the north.  Marked just a few fish but that was likely me while I learn my way around my electronic fishing buddy.  

Picked up one iffy bass in 7FOW (1# mono, tiger jig, crappie nibble) and only one keeper 'gill in 12FOW near the north end (~8" on the same rig).  The bite was getting better as the sun set.      

Nice to finally get out.
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