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Tub sled repair


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Well I don't know if anyone else has done this and I'm not sure when or how I managed it but was cleaning out my eskimo quickflip this morning and noticed that Id done some serious damage to it. Looks like I smacked it pretty good on a rock or something. Completely dented in the corner and tore a hole in it. After a few cuss words I decided I could prob repair it. Gently pushed the dented section back out and bent the flap of torn plastic back as closely as I could to its original position. Cleaned the area with a rag and then some alcohol wipes. Roughed up the damaged area with some sandpaper and applied a thick coating of jb plastic weld to it. Smoothed it out and let it cure. I may have to do another application but I don't think so. Came out pretty decent looking. I've done a similar repair on my plastic canoe and it's still holding strong after several years. Anyway maybe someone can use this sometime.


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That happened to my old shanty and I did the same thing, only inside and outside to improve the waterproofness.  Thatís awesome stuff, my dad has it and it still doesnít leak years later!
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crap if I was dragin that, that hit would have stopped my butt dead in my tracks .. nice fix
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