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 :P :P   trekked to the foot with my bud and launched from waterloo . at first on the way out the crust was on the top of the snow slop ? ice, made the drag ok, and there was about 5-6 hard ice
and 3 slop ...had to zig zag out dodging whirlpools at old holes. set up towards the isle in 11ft .. got 1  pencil perch on gold tungsten  n   waxie. and 1 gill.. had fish under us but they wouldn't even chase. THEN it started raining and kept rainin, oh yeah almost forgot abot the fog, couldn't see the islands. we were the only ones on the lake . some guy came by and drilled close and said hey is the water in your holes gushing in ?  said no and he it keeps raining and rainin, no more fish we pack it in and now theres  slush,water   on top and the water is goin down them like a toilet flush   lol..after being on nimi in the rain the day before its just a deal breaker. called it a day , wet,cold,  the end
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