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2-13-18 nimi ice conditions


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Went out of the main st ramp around 10am. Headed south towards the dam poked around in the deep water for a couple hours caught and marked nothing. Headed back to the north and fished inside of the bay with all the pine trees in 10fow caught some redears and perch no monsters nothing to write home about. We crossed two little pressure ridges one on the main body of the lake and one going into the bay where we were fishing. After about an hour my fishing partner was gonna go check another area I wanted to stay where I was. He says you better come look at this and sure enough 40 yards behind my shack that little ridge became a nasty wet shove! I looked out to where the one was on the main lake yep that one had grown to an impressive size as well. Ill try to load the pictures when Ive got time to crop them down.  Anyone headed south out of the main st ramp at nimi better use extreme caution it took my friend and I a while to find a sorta safe crossing on the main lake. We had to go clean to the middle to cross the crack was 6feet wide in some places near shore.
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Its all done after today and tomorrows weather.  I think its time to pack it all up and call it a year.
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Yeah,those pictures are enough to keep me off the ice,thanks for the heads up........... :o :o :o
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yyeh wingfoot got sketchy fast sun. these temps/rain  tore it up
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