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Went out of Wild Wings Thurs. and Fri. Only had to go 1/2 mile out front in 15 ft. of water. Caught 33 Thurs., big fish around 4 1/2 lbs. and 20 some Fri., didn't keep count Fri. Fri. we caught all nice 18-20 in. fish. Thurs., all caught 3/4 oz yellow (Pittsburg) hair jig, some with bait and some without and most caught vertical jigging at the boat. Fri. 3/4 oz yellow and I think Aaron use a 3/4 oz purple with chartruse in the tail. Aaron put it to me Fri. with the purple and most were caught with bait.
Was definitely a great trip and fun time.


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nice  thnx for the shout out   hopefully sat I will hit up avon this sat    keep at it ...
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