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East Harbor Camping Trip


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Grandsons and I were loaded up Monday at noon so hooked up boat and no lights. 3 hours later after getting trailer totally rewired and the car connector replaced we got on the road. Campgrounds is nice and we got setup really quickly, though I did make them move the tent to another spot. Went out on Erie Tuesday morning and it was a bit choppy with winds out of the NE. Ended up fishing in the harbor as I got sick. Only been sick on Erie once before and we were fishing in 6 footers that day so not sure why I got sick. We caught some really nice gills and surprisingly 2 10 inch perch. Tuesday night it rained, we got 4 plus inches in about 5 hours. Tent leaked a little but not bad considering. Wednesday we hit the lake again and youngest grandson didn't like trolling so switched to drifting and again we ended up in the harbor fishing. I think part of the problem was he had never been on a boat before this trip. As we cleaned our fish that day 3 guys came in with a limit of Walleyes. He asked them where they got them and how and by the time we left he wanted to troll on Thursday. We headed out Thursday morning to 22 fow and got them to catch their first eyes. Waves were solid twos and were a bit close together so we started breaking them a bit over the bow so I took them in. They already are asking when we will go catch more Walleyes.
    Nate and Rog went on the Linda Mae perch fishing on Sunday the 10th. Roger said there were 12 people onboard and they ended up with 52 keeper Walleyes and 9 keeper perch.


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It sounds like you have the grandkids hooked on catching walleye!  It was a good idea to come in and fish the bay when the lake was rough so you did not scare them.
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Glad you had a decent trip and your grandkids caught some fish. Those memories will last a lifetime.