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The safe ice season is just about over.We usually had brutal cold winds in the middle of Feb. with  sub zero wind chills and then 10" of snow at Indian. Very rough getting on and off the lake even with a Smitty sled. Not getting any younger!
So I need to lighten the load for next year. Decided to eliminate 15 1/2 lbs. Mr. Buddy Heater and accessories. Never used it yet since the shelter and handwarmers kept me comfortable.
My Eskimo Stingray 8"  33cc. ice auger weighs 28 lbs.Need a lighter one of lithium-ion battery type.The  lightest on the market is the Ion G2 6 amp-hr 8" 40 V at 17 lbs.
While searching for prices, saw this- Ion 39350 8" G2 40V Lithium Ion Electric Auger - $78.35 What !! $78.35 ! Has anyone does business with them? Sounds like a scammer. Would appreciate comments!
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A quick Google search shows them as a scam site...