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I'm sure by now everyone knows we lost Dan Shuga aka Firefish, Dan was a hell of a good dude, we started ice fishing together way back in the late 90's early 2000's, we fished Indian, GLSM, Loramie, Kiser, and a few others. I couldn't imagine the amount of fish we pulled through the ice and we always had a great time. Sadly last season we never fished together and oddly after fishing all those years together, getting breakfast and lunch at various places around the lakes, I met up with Dan at the Pro Bass at Indian, he was working and I walked in, sen him and asked him," Hey dude, what's up, ready to hit the ice", to my surprise Dan looked me dead in the face and said, " Do I know you, have we met before?" I thought at 1st he was joking but he kept asking, I finally said, " Dan, you have my number in your phone" he scrolled down his list and said, " Damn, I guess we must have met before" I dropped the conversation about knowing or not knowing because I could see it really disturbed him that he couldn't remember my name, we went on to talk about ice fishing things and parted ways. My wife happened to be with me and seen it threw me for a loop, I told her in the truck that something was seriously wrong with Dan and I could see it in his actions, sadly Dan passed earlier this year. Ice fishing won't be the same this season, he was the only dude who would fish sun rise to set with me and do it again the next day. Miss ya Bro, till we meet again!


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