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Wellington Upground gathering Feb 5th


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Since I'm new here, I wanted to let some of you all who are not on the other website to get in on this if you want. This is the list from the other website, but I will add your screen name to it. Shoot me a pm if you have any questions. Lookin forward to meeting some of you.

First off for directions. Chet and Frans is located on the route 58 south of Wellington. Route 58 (Lorain county) can be reached by I-90, I-80, or I-480/10. Also by route 303, Route 18 or Route 162. Whichever route taken, head south just past route 162. The shop is on the right (they also offer gas, so look for the Marathon sign.) If the lot gets too full, you can park in the lot across the street, the Huntington maintenance garage, but you have to access it from the south side of 162, east of 58.

We will meet at Chet and Fran's at 7am. Becky, will have free coffee and she will be ordering plenty of bait. She will have minnows in 3 sizes, waxies, red and white maggots, mealworms, and troutworms. She'll also have propane, bait buckets, and she'll order in extra tackle as well.

Sign in will be 7 to 7:45 and will be $5. Big fish category for an additional $5. (see below for prizes) After 7:45 a.m., sign ins are closed, no exceptions, and we'll head to Wellington upground. I will give directions to the upground after registration. Handicap parking is allowed at the top of the ramp at the reservior, but everyone else must park in the lot. You can unload at the top but please be courteous as there is limited space for unloading.

Everyone needs to bring a bucket and be certified at Chet and Frans before they step on the ice. Certification is a crossreference from our master list, and then a numbered sticker will be put on your bucket. No sticker, no eligibility, no exceptions. If you didn't come to the Moggie get together, certification is quick and painless and only takes a couple seconds for each fisherman.

Fishing will go from 8 am. till 3:30 p.m. You must be back at the ramp by 4:00 for weigh in, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Gills 7" minimum
Crappie 8" minimum
Perch 8" minimum

Prizes: All ties will be decided with a coin flip.

First place-Most total weight panfish TROPHY + 50%
Second place- Second total weight panfish TROPHY + 25%
Third place- Third total weight panfish TROPHY and prize

Youth division
First place- Most total weight panfish TROPHY + 25%
Second place- Second total weight panfish- TROPHY

BIGGEST FISH (optional $5) 100% payout of biggest fish entry fee.

Youth Division is 16 and younger

Note, Youth are automatically entered into youth division upon registering and paying their $5, in addition to being eligable for the regular division.

This is a panfish tourney but big fish can be any species. No tip-ups allowed. two rods per angler. You can fish together but each person weighs in individually.

This is really for fun, just like the moggie and wingfoot gatherings. Please bring a plastic grocery bag for trash as we will have a full-size trash bag at weigh-in and I will dispose of it. If we fill the can by the ramp, I dont want it blowing all over the lake.

Participant list:
1. Wannabitawerm

2. Joe01

3. lovinlife (tentative)

4. BigKev 5. & 6.(and guests)

7. bigpapa (and guest)

8. backagainbaha

9. sady dog (tentative)

10. cast and shoot 11. & 12.(and Guests)

13. PaPawsmith 14. & 15.(and guests)

16. WestBranchJoe (tentative)

17. Critter Getter (tentative)

18. EJH

19. bobberhead2

20. Perchy101 (tentative)

21. KopperTop

22. Lil' Rob

23. WalleyeGuy

24. tomb

25. kozak

26. Lightman (tentative)

27. ODNR3723 (tentative)

28. capt S (tentative)

29. Alwaysfishin

30. Billfish

31. Jiggin Jim (open seat and use of equipment)

32. no luck again (needs an open seat)

33. bszoke and 34. guest (tentative)

35. fishmaniac and 36. guest (tentative and maybe open seat)

37. johnny fish and 38. guest 39. & 40. (2 others tentative)

41. angler204 42. guest (tentative)

43. jeffyv10 and 44. guest

45. Hooking It Up and 46. guest

47. greg 3891

48. sliderville

49. quackpot

50. Darris

51. jhiggy11 (needs an open seat)

52. bigcrappiehammer and 53. daughter

54. walleyehunter

**We are up to 60+ as of 1/25/11. I'll update once we have a more consistant list.**

**Check back regularly for updates and ice conditions**

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