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on lake 2-12


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was down at tappan sat with my fishin bud,the ice was about 10-11, there was plenty of open spots along shore but you could move away from those and you had good ice. was only 1 other shanty there. started out by the marina in 11 fow, caught a few silver cats and gills, moved to the other side of lake good ice all the way accross the wind was brutal and had to anchore the pop up down, the water was really stained had about 2 feet of visibility caught about 15 gills, 6 cats about 2-4 lbs,a couple perch, and 1 nice crappi, had a silver cat about 4lbs broke my line at top of hole couldnt get to my gaf in time. had lots of fish on radar all day. was gettin em on maggies some on minnies, lake level was dropped about 6 ft. for a bit couldnt keep both rods in the water fish really turned on wound up with a nice bucket of fish cats,gills,perch,crappi, no wallys  :-\  hope the ice holds out for one more week-end so i can get up to geneva for some steelies my favorite... ;D the end................. 8)
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