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Got my jawjacker for christmas....WOW i love it. Recommended for sure

Matthew Fiedler

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Well for Christmas i asked for a jawjacker.  wow im glad i did but the sad part is i wish i asked for more.  this is by far the best one i have seen.  it is so sensitive that there will be no reason i can not use this for panfish.  everyone i showed as christmas was impressed and are going to order as well.  if you were on the fence, dont be.  after i get back from christmas i will take pics.  very nice quality an so much better than the one i seen at cabelas and bass pro.

im so glad they came and sponsored or i never would of seen this.  will def buy more.  even got some free ice jigs with it. 

HardWater Junkie

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I like them as well. I got 2 a few weeks ago and they are great. I was really surprised with the sensitivity. Cant wait to get them on the ice. I also highly recommend getting some of these. You are legal to use 6 jawjackers at a time. There is a post on here with a letter from the state saying that they are a tip up.
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They are really nice everyone i have showed is very impressed as well...I cant wait to get out and put it to use.


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We had a bay freeze over acouple of weeks back.  I got to see a JawJacker in use.  It is pretty cool.  I was skeptical, thinking it was another gimmick to catch ice fisherman.  But it is really nice.  I am not a tip up user.  But I can see using this inside my shanty while I'm jigging two other rods.  I will be adding one to my bucket.  Seeing it used changed my outlook on it.  It is well built and easy to set up.  I think it is very usefull.  I usually dead stick a third line just out from where I am jigging.  This thing will work perfect for that application.  Only intead of hand lining like a tip up, I can reel in on a rod.  Very sweet in my opinion.
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They are a cool device for sure.  Seen it but wasn't able to get one this year.  They were out.  I'll add a couple to go with Steve's tip-ups so I have 6.
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