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Jason Mitchell Chat Part Two


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Here is the remainder of the Chat.

2012-01-11 18:05:14   Mitchell   Overall, I like chubs the best.  I know this sounds crazy but I like the salted shiners better than live shiners just for tipping spoons, swimbaits.  I like the durability and action of chubs when using tip ups.
2012-01-11 18:05:26   Mitchell   walleye is five per day, perch is twenty
2012-01-11 18:05:51   g   any slot limits on eyes
2012-01-11 18:05:56   Mitchell   no slots
2012-01-11 18:06:14   freakofnature13   question
2012-01-11 18:06:15   davidhoheisel   who has one?
2012-01-11 18:06:21   davidhoheisel   go ahead
2012-01-11 18:06:58   crv423   have u ice fished ohio?
2012-01-11 18:07:07   davidhoheisel   i have one after freak
2012-01-11 18:07:09   Mitchell   No I havent ice fished Ohio
2012-01-11 18:07:24   davidhoheisel   freak
2012-01-11 18:07:34   lowellhturner   question
2012-01-11 18:07:42   freakofnature13   do you have any tips when using a camera in packs of perch to get the jumbos to get it before the lil ones i have a hard time gettin it to the jumbo  before the lil ones attack.. playin keep away :)
2012-01-11 18:07:54   davidhoheisel   go ahead after answer thanks
2012-01-11 18:09:06   Mitchell   Try up sizing to a larger lure or fihing with a heavy jig that you can poke to the bigger fish, use a single hook and bend out the hook so you can shake small fish off by just pulling slowly.
2012-01-11 18:09:28   freakofnature13   thank you
2012-01-11 18:09:37   davidhoheisel   lowell
2012-01-11 18:09:58   lowellhturner   #1 do you use stinger hooks with chubs  and @ where do you find bigger perch?
2012-01-11 18:10:20   davidhoheisel   who is next
2012-01-11 18:10:44   1977walleyeguy   how much did they pay you to sing the perch patrol song on camera?  lol
2012-01-11 18:11:03   Russ   good evening guys
2012-01-11 18:11:10   Mitchell   I dont use stingers much when ice fishing but do use quick strike rigs that have two trebles once in a while.  I have found some really big perch on deep basins and have also found some in some newer backwater areas, big perch live where they can live long enough to grow big.
2012-01-11 18:11:43   davidhoheisel   hey Russ thanks for joining us. If you have a question for jason just say question and i will put them in order.
2012-01-11 18:11:55   Mitchell   Ha, I dont know what I was thinking when we did that duet, I have no rythm... they called me the tin man at my wedding because I dont know how to dance
2012-01-11 18:11:57   g   question
2012-01-11 18:12:11   davidhoheisel   go ahead g
2012-01-11 18:12:41   g   do you use dropper rigs much & what is your favorite dropper rig
2012-01-11 18:12:48   Russ   question for anybody
2012-01-11 18:12:55   snowcone   ??????
2012-01-11 18:13:03   davidhoheisel   no for Jason tonight thanks
2012-01-11 18:13:17   davidhoheisel   snowcone your up
2012-01-11 18:13:37   Mitchell   I do use dropper rigs alot, I like to use a Hali Chain or tie about six inches of mono to a small jig experimentingwith both horizontal and vertical jigs
2012-01-11 18:14:01   snowcone   do you think water quality in ohio keeps our perch from getting large
2012-01-11 18:14:05   g   what pound mono do you use
2012-01-11 18:14:07   Mitchell   I like to use them below a buck shot rattle spoon as they drop fast and straight
2012-01-11 18:14:15   Mitchell   usually, six pound
2012-01-11 18:14:38   davidhoheisel   i have one
2012-01-11 18:14:50   freakofnature13   go ahead dave
2012-01-11 18:14:59   wormdunker69   Go ahead Dave
2012-01-11 18:15:03   Mitchell   I dont know much about the water quality issues
2012-01-11 18:15:04   davidhoheisel   a lot of guy's are using your rods now. Anything new down the line?
2012-01-11 18:15:33   Mitchell   Yes, we are working on some new stuff, pretty exciting technology.
2012-01-11 18:15:53   mitch131   ?
2012-01-11 18:15:55   g   question
2012-01-11 18:16:12   davidhoheisel   go ahead mitche then g
2012-01-11 18:16:18   g   what lines do you like the best
2012-01-11 18:16:44   mitch131   with your rods have you thought about a inline rod and reel
2012-01-11 18:16:57   1977walleyeguy   question
2012-01-11 18:17:02   Mitchell   I used Berkley Sensation and XL for years but I helped Northland develop their Bionic Ice Line and it is good stuff.
2012-01-11 18:17:19   davidhoheisel   waleye up
2012-01-11 18:17:28   Mitchell   We have looked at it but our concern was threading it on a frozen lake with the wind blowing and also ice up issues.
2012-01-11 18:17:49   snowcone   ?????
2012-01-11 18:17:53   Mitchell   We know guys use the long rods in your area
2012-01-11 18:18:18   davidhoheisel   snowcone up after walleyeguy
2012-01-11 18:18:20   1977walleyeguy   I you dont per say use marcum products, but being on the inside....are the other pros concerned with the LX7's....issues?
2012-01-11 18:18:20   Mitchell   We just havent found a better design but we are always thinking and trying stuff
2012-01-11 18:18:40   mitch131   i love my walleye 28 rod
2012-01-11 18:19:08   davidhoheisel   snowcone
2012-01-11 18:19:11   snowcone   do you have a favorite knot
2012-01-11 18:19:15   Mitchell   Havent heard much about the competition regarding Marcum
2012-01-11 18:19:24   lowellhturner   question
2012-01-11 18:19:26   Mitchell   I love the palomer knot
2012-01-11 18:19:37   snowcone   tnks
2012-01-11 18:19:49   davidhoheisel   next?
2012-01-11 18:19:55   crv423   I gotta go but want to say thanks for your time, and a great product JM
2012-01-11 18:20:02   lowellhturner   Any decent crappie?
2012-01-11 18:20:04   Mitchell   Thank you CRV
2012-01-11 18:20:08   fire_line   ??
2012-01-11 18:20:16   g   see you chris
2012-01-11 18:20:21   Mitchell   We do get some great crappie fishing, especially in MN
2012-01-11 18:20:21   davidhoheisel   fireline
2012-01-11 18:20:31   fire_line   are you still using a vex?
2012-01-11 18:20:54   davidhoheisel   Guy's we have time for 4 or 5 more questions so get them in.
2012-01-11 18:20:55   Mitchell   Yes I love my Vex
2012-01-11 18:21:03   fire_line   ?
2012-01-11 18:21:09   davidhoheisel   go ahead
2012-01-11 18:21:16   g   which vex
2012-01-11 18:21:43   Mitchell   I like the FL-22 for shallow walleye, panfish stuff but for deep water, cant go wrong with the FL-18.
2012-01-11 18:21:43   fire_line   me too thank you for teaching me and my partner how to use it properly
2012-01-11 18:21:57   mitch131   just wanted to say thanks for your time jm i keep following you on facebook and great product
2012-01-11 18:22:07   lowellhturner   ?
2012-01-11 18:22:10   Mitchell   Thank you as well
2012-01-11 18:22:14   davidhoheisel   go ahead lowell
2012-01-11 18:22:28   lowellhturner   Scuds for panfish?
2012-01-11 18:22:59   Mitchell   They dont stay on the hook at all and are really delicate... I have tried several times but they are great forage, lousy bait.
2012-01-11 18:23:13   davidhoheisel   next?
2012-01-11 18:23:18   snowcone   i want to go fishin with you someday
2012-01-11 18:23:43   davidhoheisel   Anymore questions?
2012-01-11 18:23:56   mitch131   if you ever make it ohio let us know
2012-01-11 18:24:08   Mitchell   Absolutely, I would love to fish with you guys
2012-01-11 18:24:19   wballard77   doy
2012-01-11 18:24:20   snowcone   sweet
2012-01-11 18:24:31   lowellhturner   Thank you, sir !
2012-01-11 18:24:46   g   have you ever thought about doing combo hunting ice fishing deals
2012-01-11 18:24:51   fire_line   ?
2012-01-11 18:25:05   HardWaterJunkie   ?
2012-01-11 18:25:09   Mitchell   No, I have a hard enough time just staying on fish
2012-01-11 18:25:23   davidhoheisel   fireline than hardwater
2012-01-11 18:25:47   fire_line   do you plan on fishing any pro tournaments this year
2012-01-11 18:25:47   Mitchell   I found out a long time ago that I cant be a guide for everything so I focus on just fish right now
2012-01-11 18:25:52   davidhoheisel   anyone after hardwater?
2012-01-11 18:26:06   Mitchell   No, I wont be fishing any tournaments this season
2012-01-11 18:26:17   snowcone   just one more
2012-01-11 18:26:28   davidhoheisel   ok after hardwater
2012-01-11 18:26:32   HardWaterJunkie   Do you use fly reels at all for panfish? also have you thought of producing a fly reel ice rod combo?
2012-01-11 18:27:10   fire_line   ?
2012-01-11 18:27:26   snowcone   where can i find a new video of you fishin on ice ?
2012-01-11 18:27:34   Mitchell   We do use fly reels at times but prefer the plastic schooley reels as they are cheaper and lighter, we have had a prototype for about four years but didnt think it would be mainstream enough.
2012-01-11 18:27:57   fire_line   are you guys driving trucks on DL now?
2012-01-11 18:28:01   Mitchell   Go to our website, for some streaming video.
2012-01-11 18:28:07   Mitchell   Yes we are driving trucks
2012-01-11 18:28:22   snowcone   thanks
2012-01-11 18:28:28   davidhoheisel   Ok guy's, i would like to thank you Jason for your time tonight and I am sure all the members appreciate it also. Thanks Jason
2012-01-11 18:28:45   mitch131   thank you jm
2012-01-11 18:28:50   Mitchell   Thank you guys as well, we appreciate all of your support.
2012-01-11 18:28:55   lowellhturner   Again, thanks !
2012-01-11 18:28:55   HardWaterJunkie   Thank you Jason for joining us tonight
2012-01-11 18:28:55   g   thank you for your time & info you have given us i love my perch rod for shallow wate eyes & my 28 in walleye rod for deep water want to try a meat stick next have a great & safe season
2012-01-11 18:28:56   wormdunker69   Thanks Jason
2012-01-11 18:29:02   coreymon   thnks jm
2012-01-11 18:29:04   Mitchell   Ohio and Lake Erie is on our hit list
2012-01-11 18:29:06   davidhoheisel   Thanks
2012-01-11 18:29:12   freakofnature13   thanks jason gluck hope you top ur best catches
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Thanks for posting this, Dave.  I know myself and some others were wondering about reading it.  Thanks again.
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Thanks Dave, good couple of posts to read since I missed the chat!
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Excellent video and you make it look so easy. Cant wait to see part 2 and it might just give me enough courage to try a 4x4 oblique stack again without lifting the pads.