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Safety reminder and disclosure


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Ice Fish Ohio.com wants to remind you that no ice is safe ice and you must test your own ice and not rely on reports on the site as ice conditions change daily.

When posting fishing reports at a lake we don't expect you to give up your honey hole but to give credible ice report, depth, lure and technique so we all can improve and have a successful day on the lake.

When going on the ice you should follow safety seriously. Here are a few things and i am sure we will get input from our members.

1. Use spud bar to check ice every step or two
2. Fish with a partner
3. Carry ice picks around your neck
4. Rope tied to flotation device that can reach someone from a good distance
5. Extra cloths in the car
6. Wear layers
7. Good Boots
8. Whistle
9. Let someone know where your going to fish and if your going to another part of the lake than communicate that to a significant other.
10. Don't rush out the first day of ice. There is plenty of time to fish. Be Patient!
11. Watch safety video under safety board as it can save your life and than watch it again!!!!

Ice fishishing is a great sport but lets all stay safe so we can tell our stories hear for years to come!

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Well said Dave. Ice creepers or spikes in your boots are helpful on clear ice. A cell phone is also good to have in case of an emergency and keep it in a ziplock bag or something else waterproof. Flares are handy if you fish at night  and a flashlight can be useful. Take your time and spud your way out and back. Stay safe and good fishing.