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Started at Baw Beese Lake in Michigan and it was a bust. Fished everything from 6' to 40'. No bites. Moved to LaSuAn in late afternoon. BBTinker an I started in 38 fow. Ice was 4.5 to 5", clear and solid with about 2" of snow cover. Caught a few gills suspended at 18' as they moved, 1-9". Fish were sporadic. About 4pm, moved to 13 fow and got about 15 by dark. Fished an orange 5mm tungsten jig with red spikes and BBTinker was using dark tungsten with waxies. now was turning to slush. Planning to head out in the morning if it doesn't rain like they are calling for. Temps are expected to stay above freezing tonite, but should be ok in the morning if it doesn't rain. Bring back on the cold!!!! At lot of people on lake today with the warm weather and lake open for icefishing for 1st time in about 8 years. Still full of quality gills and one guy I talked to got a decent perch. Also met ToledoTim today after we got off the ice.
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sounds like you faired better than I.  I only caught 2 small bass, grandson caught one keeper gill. brother in law outfished  us both with 10 gills. weather was perfect but my left foot was killing me and couldn't move around much. you may have seen me limping off around 430.  keep yer stick on the ice
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