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Wow.  Took a beating today.  Went off n end by pump house.  Lots of snow and a tough pull.  The ice is very sketchy.  Spud went thru with minimum effort in quite a few spots.  The lake has 2-3" good ice under 6" slop white ice and then water crust and  then snow.  My last time there this year I think.  We did manage to see quite a few crappie on camera which was really cool. 2 small bumps but no solid takes.  Fished from 7am -430pm.  There were 2 shacks on south end.  Not sure if they were doing any better.  Had good company so great day but a few on the ice would have been better.
Tight lines and pick your way out of you head there.  Seriously. 
Born to fish.   No plan B.