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Nimmy Thursday 1/23/2020


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As I lifelong Hardwater guy, I've got to come clean & confess. Yesterday (Thursday 1/23), me & Evinrude58 Carl hit Nimmy at C-1. It's the very first time I was with anyone who had a rope tied around his waist with a 50ft tail just in case he went in. Smart move by Carl. Wish I had thought of it.

Though I've learned to read ice just as good as most experienced hardwater guys, yesterday's ice was the worst I've ever been on... 2.5-3" at best... And it wasn't good, hard, solid, clear ice. The ice didn't look good or feel strong... or ver safe.

I confess: It was treacherous. As I gingerly walked out to meet Carl, I could sense the ice wasn't good at all. Certain types of "cracks" one hears while stepping forward really perk your ears & tighten your nerves. Even though we fished less than 100yds from the boat dock, we were still in 9-11ft of water. We didn't move much.

Water started accumulating around my holes and soon I was in 1/2"-3/4" of water around me.. The ice was starting to sag. NOT A GOOD FEELING. Cautiously I moved to a another spot and within 5 minutes, the water on the ice was surrounding me again. Our skeptical ice was turning to dangerous, deteriorating, soft ice..

I had originally planned to fish after sunset, but my conscience was telling me it was time to go. We only fished a couple of hours.. 1pm-3pm.

IN REALITY, WE SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ON IT., but the urge to be on the hardwater is difficult to ignore.
Yesterday's hardwater experience was thoroughly enjoyable, but dangerous as well. I said a prayer as we loaded our vehicles and spent another hour at the parking lot jawing & telling stories. I even had a nice, fat stogie.

Truth be told: I didn't want to go swimming again. Besides, I didn't wear my Speedos.
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Glad both of you got out for a few hours but more importantly, you both made it back in safely without having to swim to shore. Hopefully you caught some fish.

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Glad you had some fun ice! I've had a similar experience at Indian Lake -Blackhawk-a few years ago. Met one guy fishing just off the boat ramp who had 5 inches ice. I went to the left about 75 yards to a channel that could hold some gills.6-7 fow. Drilled 2 holes, 2 3/4" good ice but I still questioned the safety.Bad year so far and I needed some enjoyment. I also couldn't resist the urge even though I knew it was  dangerous.After a while 1/2 " of water surrounded my boots. Nerves tightened! Didn't feel comfortable the whole time fishing!Fished 1-2 hours . Had no bites -no fish!!!I decided to leave . Got to my car OK and also said a prayer! Scared the hell out of me!!! NEVER AGAIN !!!!
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Glad everyone is ok.   Think we’ve all been there done that at one time or another.   I wish it would just get cold so we could get a good 4-5” everywhere.  I’ve kind of given up on Erie at this point.   
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Hard to resist the call of the frozen water,  I understand,  been there done that.  But did go swimming one time in my 20's on 2.5 inches, just had to get out.  I am glad to hear that no one took a dip, but kind of bummed that no one caught anything seeing how's the fish haven't seen a lure in a while.  Maybe nervous jigging has something to do with it.  But really am glad that everyone made it back safely.  Let's hope that February smiles on us.


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News from the WBNO Newsroom

Man Dies In Steuben Co
By Newsroom
A Snow Lake man dies after falling through the ice while fishing. Deputies responded to the North Snow Bay area of the lake and found 19-year-old Lance Lennen, unresponsive with a faint pulse. He was taken to an area hospital soon after but was pronounced dead a short time later. The Steuben County Coroner’s Office says the cause of death was not due to foul play or drowning.
Jan. 24, 2020 at 4:42 am


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I checked my pond last week and it was about 2-2 1/2 inches. It seemed solid, but I need at the very least 3 inches. I always tie off to the dock with a safety line, but I wouldn't want to lose all of my gear! Maybe February will be cold. Sure glad that I was able to fish 3 days in December, 20, 21, and 22.


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This year flat out sucks. Our best ice was in November! Going to take a trip in a couple weeks!
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glad you guys didnt wet,  would be hard to explain why 2 SEASONED  ifo guys got wet...  wink wink nod nod...........hahahaah   yep this year is trash, and i gave up on erie ice myself slab...    its kinda  a shame theres no fishable ice , maybe i wouldnt be so bored .  there would be more traffic here also.  ice and the perch  in the same boat  scarce
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