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3 lake fishing today ( I can't post on Indian Lake page)

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I started out on Indian this morning, on the lake by 5 am, drilled 2 holes, got set up and I was sittin in 4" of water before I knew it, not the best conditions when you're on the ice. The wind was blowing but the rain had stopped, unfortunately, the more I sat there, the deeper the water got, some might call it safe ice, but my ass walked off Indy by 5:45 am as I knew I had to cross moving water. I thought about trying other places on Indy but everywhere I went, the top of the ice was slushy so I headed to Loramie, tried Earls Island but it was the same, I drilled 2 holes, dropped the lines in and the water poured out of the holes, ugh, I left and tried fishing off a dock but marked zero fish. I drove to GLSM, drilled some holes at the sailboat club, the water-stained, marked zero fish, moved to Andersons, drilled several holes, marked zero, caught nothing all day. I probably could've done okay at Indy as I was marking fish, but having been on the wrong side of the ice before, I decided to go on the safe side, tuck my tail, and head for safer ice (none really to be found). Stay safe fellas, that bucket of fish really isn't worth risking your life for...


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prolly  bailed long before you did,  rough day ....
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Bad day,but you tried. The important thing is you played it safe!  Looks like it's about over for this year. We'll get them next year !! :) :) :)
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