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Alum Creek Dock Tournament Sat. 11/20/2021


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Good Afternoon Everyone!  The 2nd round of Alum Creek Dock Tournament occurred this morning at 8am and went to 2pm.  The day was pretty clear and cool in the morning but as the day went along the temperature came up into the forties and some wind early on and died off by noon.  We had 9 entries in the tournament, but there were several other fishermen on the docks trying their luck.  The fish were on earlier and half the field slammed into crappies right off the rip.  There were some good slabs of crappie being turned today.  Everyone was catching fish; many reports of bluegills and yellow perch were caught, however, there were saugeyes caught and some channel cats.

A battle between Dennis J. and Nathen B. for crappie weight was turned in.  Both had 5 crappies turned in, but Dennis edged Nathen with by .65 lbs.  Dennis had 5.05lbs and Nathen had 4.40lbs.  Larry D. once again turned in saugeyes, 2 for the day for a total combined weight of 5.04lbs.  And last but not least, Steve I. turned in the biggest fish, a 5.52lb channel cat.  Nathen B. did bring a channel cat to weigh-in, but it was smaller in size.

At the end of the day, prize money was handed out and sponsor freebies/door prizes were handed out.  Some non-members/on-lookers stopped by to see us at weigh in and hopefully we have some future members and contestants.  And a young boy and his father were surprised with the generosity of our host, Ryan Kerns, by receiving some sponsorship freebies and swag.  Nathen B., with Nasty Nate's Baits also gave the kiddo a prize pack of soft baits.

Thanks to Ryan Kerns and Nathen B. for running the Dock Tournaments and providing swag and prizes.  And thank you to Dennis J. with Lakeside Pro Bass Shop out of Indian Lake for providing a bonus prize and sponsoring our tournaments. 

I had a great day hanging with guys, fishing and discussing different topics across the board.  Plus, listening to the OSU football game and learning that the game was done by half-time.

Thank you to all that came out and see you at the next dock tournament.  The next tournament will be posted and announced officially by the host and on this website and on social media platforms.  With that said, there will not be any dock tournament held next weekend because of Thanksgiving.  So, the following Saturday, December 4th, will be the next event and I believe it will be at Rocky Fork Reservoir in Hillsboro.  Keep an eye out for the post on this and some additional details in time and location meeting place.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Be safe and blessed!