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Ice fishing 12/27/2022

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I went out yesterday after work,  there were a few guys on the West side spread out from Earls back to the North. I was given a report that Luthman's was the "hot spot " and parking would be difficult.... ha, I got there around 3:30 pm, not only was there ample parking, I was the only sole there, and for the 7-8" of ice.. not hardly, there was some open water off to the North East side of the bridge and under the bridge didn't look very safe to pass under, and for the crowd that could've been there... I saw 6 holes drilled, 2 on the east side and 4 on the west side. I decided to set up on the west side, there was good ice there, 6-7" , drilled 5-7 holes,  nothing on the Vex until 4pm or so and the vex was lit up from 2' to the bottom , so much I had a hard time seeing my jig.. finally got some to bite and they were 2-4" bluegill, one other guy showed up and he caught a small crappie and maybe a few gills. We walked off the ice around 6pm and as I was pulling out, 2 guys were going on the east side to night fish for crappies or eyes I presume. Headed out again today after work, I may make the drive to Indian and fight the crowd..... hopefully the ice hangs on