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Wellington Report 2/3/11


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Hit Wellington after work Thursday night. Fished for only a few hours from 3:30 til 6:30. Won't give to much info. bc of the Tournament coming up this Saturday. But the conditions were ok with about 8 inches of ice. On top the ice however there was another solid layer of about an inch thick ice from the storm this week. Between the good ice and the storm ice there was an air space, so when you walked on it the ice would collapse down to the good ice. Made for a little tougher travel but nothing that could not be dealt with. The only problem was the slush and water that was on the ice after you broke through. It made for some wet boots and knees. You may want to consider bringing along a spare set of socks, should you have an issue with your feet getting cold. As always, check your ice when venturing out. conditons can and will always change.

As far as fishing, this was the most activity of fish I have seen this year. I say that meaning that as far as fish movement on the camera, there was plenty to be had. We saw numerous schools of crappie swimming by along with a few good sized bass and some bluegill. We have always seen fish on the camera at Wellington but yesterday the fish seemed to be moving the fastest and most I have seen this year. The bite was very light with only a few small bluegill being taken.
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