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Fellow IFO Members,

Each Winter, when we get good ice, most of us become guests of the residences around the lakes we visit to fish. To maintain a positive relationship with local residents and secure our ability to fish in the long term, it is essential that we do not cause any disruption to the day-to-day lives of local residents.

Parking can cause problems for local residents and it is very important that we park responsibly so that we do not cause any obstructions or, disruption. Ice Fish Ohio has the following recommendations to help avoid parking issues when visiting a lake:

- Always plan ahead and identify parking areas before you visit a fishing area.
- Check State/Local laws regarding parking in the area you are intending to park.
- Use public car parks and parking areas at boat ramps as lake access points when possible.
- Never park on private land, driveways or, private roads unless you have specific permission from the owner.
- Always obey State or Local Government “No Parking Signs”
- Never damage or remove fences or signs intended to prevent parking.
- Do not use private land to access a lake. Even when you are parked legally on a public road close-by.
- If you park on a public road, avoid causing an obstruction by blocking the road or driveways.
- Do not park within 20’ of traffic controls such as; stop signs and traffic lights.  As well as fire hydrants where applicable.
- Never park on double yellow lines.
- Always park facing the direction of traffic, and on the right side of the road.
- Do not block other vehicles in by parking too close to them.
- Take any trash you have with you - leave the parking area as you found it.
- If you see trash, pick it up and take it with you - help keep areas clean.
- If you see other vehicles parked in area, do not assume it ok/legal to do so. Always confirm it is ok park yourself.
- When parking early in a morning or, leaving late on an evening, be as quiet as possible to avoid disrupting residents. Most areas have noise ordinances that we must abide by.
- Know your rights.

If you follow these recommendations you will avoid causing a disruption to local residents in the areas we fish. Please note that it is your choice to follow these recommendations or any local requirements/laws that have not been listed. Ice Fish Ohio does not support, condone or, recommend any unlawful parking or, parking that causes a nuisance to residents in the areas we fish.

Hopefully these reminders will help us as fishermen to develop good relationships with the communities we frequent during hard water seasons.  That way we can gain the friendship and trust of local residents and their communities as well as secure fishing areas for ourselves and future generations of ice fishermen.
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pretty deep   ???  say did you follow me today up to my little gill hole today  lol     

but very good point.  I guess I'm guilty of some , but not the trash part, I don't litter... and I guess many years of driving semi kinda taught me some creative parking techs  ...
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Very well put, slab!
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Great post slab. Hope people read it and follow your recommendations.


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Good Stuff... Well thought out.
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Great post slab. I experienced the trash problem on my recent trip to Michigan. Must have been fishing around 20 or so other guys with this trash just laying on the ice when we walked up to it. We ended up picking it up of course but it amazed me that so many other guys around nobody bothered to grab it. Also bugs me when you find used 1 pound propane tanks buried in the ice.